Ekatarina Velika - EKV WEB Platforme - http://lukic.com/ekv Retro '83: "Jesen" (The Fall),
the earliest recording of this anthological song. Premiere of Yu New Wave on the Net.

Ekatarina Velika (EKV) was one of the most remarkable alternative bands in Eastern Europe.

EKV -- from an avante-garde to a cultural icon that shines a bright light across the countries -- tells a unique tale of New Wave in the 1980s, of life in the cities, among the walls, in the winds, in the water and on earth, a tale of courage and despair, and of everything else...


Their music, their songs still resonate equally in former and present Yugoslavian lands.

History - an overview of 1980s' New Wave and EKV's place in it.

Library - Comprehensive archive of EKV artwork, including album references, digitalized sounds, rare photographs, and the only EKV reading material available in the English language.

Sound Archive


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In the memory of Ekatarina Velika.

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