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Jedan dan za jednu voznju
jedna kola, jedan grad
jedan list u jednoj lokvi
jedan pogled preko senke
jednog skoka lakog tela
zene mojih ruku
jedan put, pucanj, prasak stakla
moj pad u jednom letu.

(Milan Mladenovic, Zaboravi ovaj grad)


EKV WEB Platforms were built with  precios contributions and help of:

Misel Jevtic
Alekasandar Jeremic
Rijad Podzic
Vladislav Zdravkovic

Aleksandar Petrovic
Ivan Firchie
Maria Figueredo
Dusan Miljevic
Aca Krstanovic
Goran Stefanovic
Vedran Jakovac

Ivo Skoric
Nebojsa Radivojevic
Predrag Stojkov
Elina Golod
Duane E. Davenport
Abbi Turner
Chris Smothers
Snezana Petrovic
Milan B. Milojevic
Nena Molnar

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Text material and some of the photographs are the curtsey of world wide EKV admirers. To everyone that has sent in material, additions, comments, compliments,  criticisms - you have our heartfelt thanks.


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EKV Web Platforms have been helped and endorsed by many admirers of Ekatarina Velika. We salute all of them.

They helped EKV Web to remaind you of some of the best memories we all charish deep inside.
Nasa Borba Yugoslav Independent daily newspaper featured EKV Web Platforms as the link of the day in our opening week (Monday, 03/03/97).
www.beograd.com The Web about Ekatarina Velika's hometown.
Book of Songs The largiest and most complete collection of Rock&Roll and Pop music from countries that were part of Yugoslavia. Its founder and editor Pedja Stojkov helped building EKV Web Platforms
The Balkan Pages PeaceNet's Balkan Pages have selected EKV Web Platforms as one of the Art choices of Former Yugoslavia in Cyberspace.
Ekatarina Velika related information on the Ultimate Band List.
Oaza Our first promotion from Yugoslav based Web site. Oaza covers topics in popular culture and music.

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Reviewed on July 29, 1999


In the memory of Ekatarina Velika.

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